Make 'em Hungry

One of the best ways to entice people to visit your restaurant or purchase your product is to make them hungry or thirsty.  Professional food photography can do that in a way that a quick photograph with your phone cannot do.  

I had a restaurant owner tell me that customers told him they were instantly hungry for his food when they visited his website and saw his dishes featured in photographs.  They had never visited before but they came right in that evening.  

About 3 months before he had reached out to me and we worked together to create great looking food photography for his place.  We got together and talked about what food he wanted to feature, the mood he likes to convey for his restaurant.  We then planned a day to come in to his restaurant when we could shoot.  We found the right spots to photograph each plate.  We talked about how the food should be plated and how I would photograph the food.  He made and plated the dishes one at a time.  Using a mixture of natural light and artificial light, props from around his restaurant and my sense of composition, we created food photographs that made people hungry.  

It doesn’t happen in an instance.  It takes a little bit of planning and work but creating food photography that will make people hungry or thirsty and want to get those desires satisfied with your food or drinks can be done when you hire a professional food photographer.