Bad Visuals on Instagram

I’ve been following restaurants and breweries on Instagram for a while now and am always amazed at how businesses show themselves.  As a Food Photographer and Beverage Photographer, I do admit that I am a little biased in favor of good imagery.  But what I’ve seen from some places looking to promote themselves can only be called disheartening.  I’ve spoken with restaurant owners and many of them seem to understand the importance of making their food look as good as possible, which is why they hire a Food Photographer in the first place.  It seems many businesses haven’t gotten that message.  Using your cell phone to make a photo of a dish you have at a restaurant as a customer is fine.  Show off that great meal you’re about to eat.  If the color is off or the lighting is bad, no big deal, you’re doing some social media bragging, not looking to sell the meal you’re about to eat.  If on the other hand you are looking to get people in to your restaurant, brewery or pub to pay you to try your offerings and you’re using quick cell phone photos to promote yourself, you aren’t doing your business any real favors.  I can’t tell you how many times I see photos where the color is off and the food doesn’t look very appetizing at all.  How many times a beer or glass of wine looks dull and lifeless.  There is so much competition in the hospitality world, so many places for your customers to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to make what you’re offering look as good as possible.  You’re trying to build your business on Instagram, which is a visual medium.  Why would you post less than stunning images?  You may only get one chance to make an impression on a potential new customer.  I’d suggest you work with a professional Food Photographer or Beverage Photographer.  I just so happen to know someone I can recommend.  ;)