Why am I a Food and Beverage Photographer?

Why I’m a Food Photographer?  I spent time as a wedding photographer.  I’ve photographed people, landscapes, cityscapes and street photography, so what was it about food and beverages that really took hold of me?  

Looking back on my days so far, almost every great moment with family and friends involved either food or drink or both.  Going back to when I was a kid, I remember the holidays when the family would come over and we’d gather around the dinning room table and spend the entire day there.  The food would come out in waves, dishes would be cleared, another wave of food,  coffee would follow with desert.  We’d be laughing or arguing but no matter what the memories are good.  

Later on in life, keg parties or getting together with friends for at a bar.  Friends having a good Meeting someone new over coffee or a dinner.  

See the thread here.  Food and drink is always involved.  When we gather as people we do so over a meal or in a place to sit with a drink and socialize.  That’s where real connections are made.  That’s where life really happens.  The important parts of life for me anyway.

So it’s not surprising that Food Photography and Beverage Photography is my “chosen” type of photography.  Sure I photograph other things and I find that fun and fulfilling as well.  But photographing food and beverages is what I really love to do.  I do it for clients and I do it for myself just for the fun and challenge of it.  That is where my passion is.

I’ve been a food photographer for years now.  I love it.  Being a beverage photographer can be a lighting challenge some times, but you can usually enjoy a drink after you’ve gotten the shot.  In short, I am a Food and Beverage Photographer simply because I love it.