New Orleans: Food, Culture and Music

During its 300 years, New Orleans has been a part of France, Spain and the US.  Its history has been created by people from Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Europe, and Vietnam, giving it a culture like no other city in the world. In this travel photography workshop, you will capture the unique elements of New Orleans culture, food, and music. 

This is your opportunity to make action and event photographs with a Second Line Band through the steamy French Quarter.  Learn the ins and outs of food photography while you dine on amazing Creole cooking in a historic restaurant and eat a po’boy from a great local dive.  Make music photos of a live band as jazz fills the air in a night club.  Spark your creativity shooting street photography with historic New Orleans as the background.  Search for the spirits of the city and create location portraits in one of the city’s cemeteries.  You’ll be exploring, living, tasting and photographing New Orleans for 4 days.   

Canon Instructor and Photographer Freddy Clark will be there to help you realize your unique vision of New Orleans while Canon USA will be there to lend you gear to make help you make the most of your images.    

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